Thursday, December 8, 2016

- from the girl you cheated on.

That was the way he talked..
The way he looked at me so deeply and differently..
we got same taste of music.
we got same style, he understand me to freaking much..
we talked about anything, everything like we've already know more than those 1.5 year.
He was the man I dream to be my last.
He was the so-wiser-man I've ever meet.
the kindest one.
the patient one.
the understand one.
I don't know... he was everything at that time.
then one day I thinking something like "everygirl must be wanna be with you"
I thought that I don't wanna loose you, you're the perfect guy I've ever dreamed.
but.. deepest word can't be said.
and then one day he said one sentence from one song "you'll always be my baby".
then, in time.. we had a favorite song.. that was "I won't let you go - james morrison"
He said that I needed to listen that song everytime I get broken.
He always said that no matter what happen, he won't let me go.
but things are so much different know.
I know. I've got a lot mistake, I've talked about break up for so many times. sorry for that.
I know, I'm not that perfect and not always there beside you... so you choose her over me.
cheated was fine for me, really.. that was fine. I'm saying that I'm so much fine.
you both gotta see my face, I'm happy for you both.
The only thing I regret is.. I should've tell him that he need to listen "Say you won't let go - james arthur".
so late for us.
so, goodbye.
may you both get happiness.

- from the girl who's always there for you 1,5 year.
- from the girl you cheated on.
-from the girl who had a biggest heart to let you both happy.

And for you, the girl he choosed over me... Thankyou for let me know, that he wasn't good for me. Thanks for gave him love when I don't see you both, thanks for always there when I'm not. Thanks for listen about his bad day when I'm so busy with my final diploma proposal. Thanks for get his back when I'm not. Thanks for giving him the warmest hug better than me. You make the world just get worser, but I just get so much wiser and I gotta had the biggest heart for letting you both happy together. So... that's all, thank you so much for letting me see, know, realize and said that I don't wanna be with him. fyi, I turned back all things he ever gave me, so, don't ever worried about that. I know it... I deserve better than him, right? :)

I'll thank you both, soon.

Unknown / Author & Editor

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