Sunday, January 18, 2015

Once again, it's monday morning again. 
Face the real life, face the truth, face the pain, face it with louder laugh or with one bright smile you ever have. Knowing that not everyone is perfect, knowing that sometimes we gotta be so silly, so rude, so unpredictable or anything. Every person stalking, some people gotta be so disguisting because they're copy what we do. And some people trying to tell bad things about us and then every stupid persons are believing it. Why they just cant honestly saying it to us? Yeah, this is life. They prefer talk behind. All we gonna do is pretend doesn't know, pray in heart and smiling. Knowing that always there's a way to understand and forgive people who hurt us.

Unknown / Author & Editor

Kalau ada saran dan tambahan atau juga pertanyaan bisa dilampirkan di kolom komentar ya, makasih sudah berkunjung. luvv.

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