Sunday, December 21, 2014

Dear you, Angel I Call 'Mama'


Okay, this is it. I know this is mothers day, and everyone in this world say that, every timeline is all about mothers. Deep down inside i wanna screaming out loud that I'd love you.. I'd love you since the first time I saw you. I do believing love at the fist sight, because of you ma. Someday soon I wanna be a woman like you, as strong as you do even I know sometimes you can hold your tears. I can't be that girl that wipe your tears mom, I'm too prestige. I'm so sorry. All I can do is pray for you. Thankyou for never give up on me, thankyou for waking me up everymorning, thankyou for making me breakfast and waiting me when I come home late, and keep remembering my dinner. Remember past? When doctor said you can't have a children. And thankyou for believing me were real. Then I'd come to your life as your Fathurrizkiyah, Milda Fathurrizkiyah Gisma. Sorry that sometimes makes you so angry until you shout at me, and you captious on me. I love your voices mom, I love your touch, I love your hug. I love your laugh. I love hearing you 8oktaf sound. Yeah, you know I have those 8oktaf sound when I laughing too. Hahaha. Mom, You're such an angel. I don't know what to say anymore, mom. I love you, so much.

                                                                              -Dear you, Ir.Sirtufir Lailie Sukma that I call 'Mama'.

Unknown / Author & Editor

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