Monday, November 24, 2014

15, who are you?

It feels like I want to write something.
But then I have no word.
It feels like I'm feeling so happy.
But then I have nothing to say.
Why there's no word to describe.

And then I thinking of you.
And then there was a simple smile.
And then I thinking of this..

What kind of this feeling, that I just wanna hear your voice all day all night. I just wanna singing with you. I just wanna hug you even tighter. then I miss your laugh, then I miss your smile, your serious face, your silly face. I miss your sleppy eyes, then you fall asleep beside me. Oh, my heart beating. 

The things I'll always remember and keep coming in my head that "Oh, come on mild, don't falling over again. insecure insecure. in-se-cure-" those thing. But, when night come it's feels like there something come into my heart, crossing over it, the voice makes me feel I'd found something, I'd heard something, I feel something. or it's just a random feeling. My silent heart is screaming, these feeling were asked to reply.

You were just came into my life, but my feeling said that you've been there all along. You were just arrived, but I'm dreaming about you last night. You were just a stranger yesterday, but I see you as my old friend as my best friend, I can talk many jokes and you understand, we talk about how our childhood, we laughing out. And I just meet you, but it was the warmest hug you gift. I wanna fall asleep beside you again. Is that you were a present to me? because with you I'll able to feeling filled, to feeling free, and feeling needed, feeling worth. the past and the struggles I've trough, the pain I'd taste suddenly disappear, you bring me to the really really new world when you whispered "Don't be side anymore, because from now I'm here by your side". And then my life changed.

But, what I wanna ask to you; "Who are you?"

Unknown / Author & Editor

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